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Thrush Hermit - Clayton Park | 25th Anniversary Cassette

Thrush Hermit - Clayton Park | 25th Anniversary Cassette

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Clayton Park is the second and final studio album by Halifax, Nova Scotia's Thrush Hermit, initially released on CD February 23, 1999. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Spirit Of Analog is proud to present this essential 90s Canadian indie rock album's first official cassette release with a hand-numbered limited edition of 100 copies, available exclusively through our shop. 

The album has been carefully duplicated on RTM's legendary SM911 formula and housed in a sonic yellow shell. Its original iconic artwork has also been recreated for the U-Card cassette format, a throwback to the common design used for late-90s era cassettes. 

Emerging from the Canadian East Coast indie/alternative rock scene in the early 90s, Thrush Hermit - comprised of members Rob Benvie, Cliff Gibb, Ian McGettigan, and Joel Plaskett, - quickly became a powerhouse in the scene with their joyous, high-energy live shows. Following a string of EPs with Sloan's murderrecords and 1997's full-length/Elektra debut Sweet Homewrecker, Thrush Hermit returned to their indie roots with their sophomore album Clayton Park through Hamilton label Sonic Unyon, which was shortlisted in 2000 for JUNOS Alternative Album of the Year and in 2020 for the Polaris Heritage Prize following a 20th anniversary vinyl release and reunion tour.

We are thrilled to now offer Thrush Hermit fans the opportunity to experience the iconic album on high quality cassette tape and complete their collection with a copy on all 3 major music formats, reminiscent of the era it was released.

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